In Estuco Interiors

In our interior design and home styling showroom at Centro Plaza in Marbella, you can find paint from the prestige brand Farrow & Ball. As one of few companies on the coast we have been privileged to sell this quality paint and we hereby present the release of their 9 new colours that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The first new colour is School House White no. 291

This soft off-white is inspired by the old school houses and is the lightest colour of the group, including Shadow White, Shaded White and Drop Cloth. It’s a warmer suggestion to your home and will create an elegant timeless feeling. 

The second on the list is Treron no. 292 

A darker grey green version of the classic color Pigeon. This colour is suitable for both classic and contemporary spaces where a lot of natural materials are used to embrace its connection with hues of nature. 

The third colour is Jitney no. 293

This neutral hue creates an earthy and calming feeling. The colour is somewhere between Oxford Stone and Elephants Breath and has its name from the bus that brings the New Yorkers to the sandy beaches of the luxury Hamptons, which also is an inspiration for the colour.

The forth colour, Paean Black no. 294

This deep purple hue gives an intimate and cozy feeling to any interior whether its contemporary and more bohemian and creates a remarkable look to traditional exteriors. 

The fifth colour is Sulking Room Pink no. 295

A romantic and muted rose with enormous warmth. This paint gives a powdery feel that makes it incredibly soft and easy to use. A pink that has a light pallet and follows todays trend very well. The colour is often used in in spaces like boudoirs, where the name comes from, a room named after the French ‘bouder’ – to sulk. 

Number 6 on the list is Rangwali no. 296 

This exotic and adventurous pink gives a happy feeling to the space. As the boldest pink in the colour chart it takes the name from powder which is thrown during the Holi Festival of colours in India. Though being bright and people would say kind “a bit much”, it has an absorbing depth of colour which will be achieved accents of black and is perfect to add some colour in the most unexpected areas.

The seventh colour is Preference Red no. 297 

This is Farrow & Ball’s now deepest and richest red. This Baroque colour is named after Farrow & Balls original trade name, Preference Paint.

No. 8 is called Bancha no. 298

A colour perfectly fitted for those who want to embrace a stronger colour in their homes. The sober tone creates a harmonic and calm feeling, especially combined with soft pinks and browns. This colour, named after the Japanese tea leaves, provides a feeling of security and is well suited in a kitchen where it will be appearing full of life in any times of the day. 

The last of the nine colours is De Nimes no 299

This blue tone is a down to earth and grounding colour that could be used on anything from a kitchen island to an airy drawing room. This exact shade is inspired by the everyday workwear made in the French city Nimes and like Denim, this blue tone is fashionable and look good on everything from your walls to your celling. This colour will bring calm and freshness in to your space and will bring openness to the room.