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These fragrance sticks impress with high quality, great scents and best of all: long durability. These luxury scent sticks, which are absolute premium products, come in a designer glass bottle with multiple scent sticks where the number of scent sticks determines the strength of the scent.

The entire range of fragrance sticks are manufactured in Sweden with our own production facilities for the best quality. To determine the strength of the scent in the room, more sticks give a stronger scent while fewer sticks give a milder scent.

The fragrance base for these luxury sticks is produced in the perfume’s home country of France to get that extra perfection on your particular fragrance. The fragrance oil does not contain alcohol.


Out of all our senses, smell is the most persuasive and although we may consider it as a “hidden” element it has the ability to generate emotions and memories, as well as the power to create ambiance and mood. Read on to find out why interior designers now consider fragrance as an essential element when planning interior spaces, as well as tips on how you can use them in your home.

So, let’s start with the science – our olfactory system is a collision of biology and psychology and we perceive scent through at least 1,000 receptors. In contrast, the eye only uses three receptors to distinguish colours. Scents have an immediate and compelling effect as they are directly linked to the brain’s limbic system which is the part of the brain responsible for our memories and emotions. Therefore, scents go beyond our rational perception and have an ultimate impact on our emotions and how we feel.

When we are planning our home interiors we always consider how we can make the space look visually but it is equally relevant to consider ways to make it feel right.  Our home interiors should appeal to all of our senses and it is important to consider all the elements that contribute to this such as how lighting and fragrance can really enhance, as well as change, the feeling of any space.

When working on projects both in homes and hospitality, interior designers are now strategically using interior fragrance as one of the tools in making a space reach its full potential. Consider it just as important as choosing an artwork for your wall or furniture for your space.


Estuco Interiors is an established interior design and furniture shop in Marbella. Over the years, we have worked on countless projects in this beautiful area of Spain – creating a fresh and unique look every time and giving the property a touch of the city’s luxurious vibe.

It’s fair to say, we’ve earnt a strong reputation for our refined taste and design flair. Our ultimate goal is to take your space and transform it into something truly remarkable. We have a variety of sources and designers at our disposal and – as a leader of luxury interior design in Marbella – we can take your ideas and make your ‘dream’ home a reality.

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