Designers Guild

Designers Guild is an internationally-recognised, luxury interior design brand, respected all over the world for its quality, design and philosophy. They offer a range of inspirational interior furnishings and home décor collections, including Designers Guild fabric, wallpaper, paint, upholstery, homeware and accessories – all of which carry the signature style of the brand.

Showrooms and flagship stores for this leading interior design brand can be found in London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo, to name just a few of the big cities. That’s why, here at Estuco Interiors, we’re incredibly proud to be the only official supplier of paint by Designers Guild in Marbella.

Diverse Designers Guild Collections

A wide selection of different styles and designs are available – including ‘The Royal Collection’, inspired by styles used in Buckingham and Windsor Palace. These all prove to be popular with our clients in Marbella; therefore, we source both the timeless classics and the latest collections.

The brand’s breezy spring-themed style is perfectly suited to the climate and lifestyle of Marbella. Expect soft and elegant tones, printed and plain fabrics, and delightful decorations that will add a sophisticated touch to your home. One of the most popular items in this range are bespoke curtains. Cut from high-quality Designers Guild fabric and made-to-order, they will complement the unique characteristics of your home, whilst also reflecting your personal tastes.

“The range of textural materials, colour tones and motifs we source from the Designers Guild have an inspirational effect on the work we do, offering a quality of design and variety of options, that beautifully complements the interior decors we create for our clients’ homes and commercial projects. But the products of the Designers Guild are not limited to the indoors. In a climate such as that of Marbella, they are also frequently used in outdoor living spaces such as terraces, where they once again extend our range of stylish possibilities” – Estuco Interiors

Download the official paint manual by Designers Guild

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Why choose Designers Guild?

Since it’s establishment in 1970, Designers Guild has become renowned across the globe for its creativity, innovation and quality. All products are made in the UK to exacting standards. There’s an extensive collection to choose from, with something to suit every personal preference and taste. The brand is now known for its stunning trademark colours and pretty floral prints, and if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and finesse to your property, it could be the perfect option for you.

Is Designers Guild a good choice for my property in Marbella?

Yes, absolutely. The brand is synonymous with quality, making it the ideal choice for a luxury property in this area. Wallpapers, fabrics and paints come in beautiful light tones and are detailed with contemporary patterns, lending themselves well to a Marbella home and lifestyle. As a leading supplier of Designers Guild in Marbella, we can pick out items – from both classic collections and the latest ranges – to complement the interior and exterior décor of your Marbella property.

Which Designer Guild collections do you sell?

Designers Guild currently offer around 9000 fabrics, 2000 wallpapers, and 154 paint colours. It’s fair to say, there’s something to suit everyone and every interior design project.

We understand that people’s tastes can be very different. Therefore, as a leading supplier of Designers Guild in Marbella, we strive to offer a comprehensive selection of Designer Guild wallpapers, fabrics and paints – including both the brand’s long-standing favourites and their newest designs. Head down to our showroom in Puerto Banus to get a better idea of the styles available.