At Estuco Interiors, located in Marbella Centro Plaza, we offer a range of different outdoor fabrics that seamlessly combine durability with style. Our brands that we offer are meticulously designed to withstand nature´s challenges while enhancing your outdoor spaces´ aesthetics.

Our outdoor fabrics endure while maintaining inviting softness. Crafted for long lasting vibrancy and comfort, our curated range suits cozy outdoor lounges, tranquil patios, elegant poolside settings and so on.

Our fabrics transcend weather resistance; they embody quality, resisting mold, mildew and fading. Furthermore stain-resistant designs ensure your space remains impeccable.

Comfort is key; our fabrics offer lasting comfort, creating atmosphere of relaxation for whatever occasion.

With renowned names like Mark Alexander, Armura, Sunbrella, Misia and In&Out, Estuco Interiors is your sanctuary for enhancing outdoor spaces. Experience a transformation of durability, style, and comfort – all in one place. 


Available to see in our studio, Estuco Interiors – located in the heart of Centro Plaza in Nueva Andalucia, this piece is a unique addition to any art collection or interior space. Its availability in various sizes enables art enthusiasts to choose the perfect fit for their environment. For more information and pricing please contact us [email protected]

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