Apartment in los Granados

Puerto Banus, Spain

Luxury Touches To Revel In


Little Things Make Smaller Spaces Stand Out
Touches of luxury can turn a modest living space into one oozing character.
This beachfront property needed a lift to take it to the next level. In the bedroom, we added soft features including a rich velvet headboard matched with long-haired rugs for a little extra pampering. A muted colour palette of natural warmth with black contrasting details and translucent voiles allowed greater privacy and improved spatial perception. These timeless details were offset with custom-designed furniture, including a high-tech built-in TV lift.

And we didn’t stop there either. Working closely with our specialist UK suppliers, a tailor-made aged mirror wall was fitted in the living room to create a modern vintage appeal and a new sophisticated sense of space. Select, custom touches making a big difference to small spaces…elegantly.